Investing for your WHY

At Elevage Partners, we seek to create a better life for our clients. Our experienced financial advisors deliver tailored plans that match your needs – now and in the years ahead.

We call our work investing for your WHY. By understanding you, your expectations and your WHY, we’re able to provide a unique level of personalized service. And because we are fiduciaries we always place the interests of our clients ahead of our own.



Everyone has retirement questions:

Do I have enough money to retire? How much money do I need? When can I retire? Is my portfolio aligned with my goals? Does my Social Security strategy maximize my benefits? Which Medicare plan is right for me? And do I need long-term care insurance?

Our financial advisors will develop a financial plan that answers your questions, creates clarity and provides confidence.


Men and women are different.

Meeting with the close family is very important for them

And that includes their financial journeys. Women live longer, typically have more demanding caregiving responsibilities and, unfortunately, as studies continue to reveal, earn less than men. These factors can have a profound impact on your financial life, from reduced Social Security benefits to smaller retirement savings. All of this makes it even more important for women to have a financial plan that they understand and can have confidence in.

Our experienced team will help simplify the complex. No mansplaining here: We just tell it like it is in a straightforward way. We’re always happy to answer your questions, whether it’s in person, on the phone or by videoconference. And our dynamic investment management process revolves around one thing: Your WHY.


Portrait Of Excited Family Standing Outside New Home

We can help young professionals build a strong financial foundation.

Our advisors will guide you through:


  • Mapping out a financial plan for your unique WHY
  • Building retirement savings
  • Life insurance
  • Managing student loan debt
  • Financing a home
  • Funding education for your children

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Financial Planner Chris Beede
Financial Planner Chris Beede
Advisor David Smith, CFP®
Advisor David Smith, CFP®
Advisor Mark Zembo
Advisor Mark Zembo

We want you to be confident that we understand you, your WHY and your expectations as our team supports you throughout your life events and financial journey. Contact us to set up a no-cost, no-obligation meeting to see if we’re a good fit for you both personally and professionally.

The Planning Process: What to Expect

The financial planning process begins with a series of meetings with Elevage Partners specialists. Our conversations will evolve from general concepts to a personalized road map. The first year of financial planning consists of four stages:

Discovery Meeting

We’ll discuss your WHY, including your financial goals, needs and expectations; your fears and concerns; and your values, dreams, and motivators. We’ll also begin to prioritize financial goals.

Data Gathering

We’ll review your financial resources, discuss your cash flow and financial habits and discover areas of opportunity.

Goal Reviews

We’ll discuss solutions to financial issues, determine strategies, develop a financial task list and collaborate on completing each item on the list.


We’ll meet regularly to review tasks and monitor progress on your financial strategies. We’ll adjust the plan to mirror changes in your life, goals and finances. And we’ll plan accordingly as you move from one stage of your financial life to the next.


Chief Investment Officer Thierry Hasse
Chief Investment Officer Thierry Hasse

You won’t find cookie cutter portfolios here. We provide independent, unbiased investment management and financial advice that’s tailored to your specific goals.

We’re patient, long-term investors – not day traders.

At Elevage Partners, we believe that having a sound financial plan lays the foundation for becoming a successful investor and that client portfolios should be aligned with their unique financial goals and risk tolerance.

In-House Investment Management

Our investment committee uses a proprietary investment strategy that is dynamic, nimble and flexible. We consider a range of low-cost investments – including exchange-traded funds, individual stocks and mutual funds – and always aim to be tax efficient. Plus, we select and manage your investments the same way we select and manage our own. In other words, we eat our own cooking.

Monitor the Markets

Our chief investment officer keeps a close eye on the markets and adjusts investment models when warranted. We take a long-term view, but we don’t use a “set it and forget it” approach to client portfolios.

Blend and Balance

Client portfolios include a blend of ETFs, stocks, mutual funds and bonds that supports their goals, matches their risk tolerance, takes into account their life stage and whether they are investing for income, growth or both.


For qualified clients, we can provide access to private placements and alternative investments that add a layer of diversification to their portfolios. Our chief investment officer is engaged with company management and portfolio managers.

We’re On Your Side

We don’t accept commissions for investment products. As a Registered Investment Advisor we are a fiduciary committed to serving your best interests. The only compensation we receive for our investment management is from you – which means we answer only to you.


How do we run our business? Three ways: 1) We are a fiduciary, always placing the client’s interests first. 2) We are independent and employee-owned. 3) We are a fee-based firm.

We Are A Fiduciary

As fiduciaries, we have elected to hold ourselves to the highest regulatory and ethical standards in the industry, meaning we are required to act in your best interests … always. Our decisions and advice are governed by the question: “Is this in the best interest of our client?”

We Are Independent

Together, we are Elevage Partners. We operate a team-of-specialists service model, which we believe delivers the best outcome and experience for our clients. Our team of financial planners, wealth management advisors and investment experts bring decades of experience acquired through all market cycles. They will help you navigate a financial world that’s often complex and always changing. Our service team brings the best practices from a variety of industries, and is on a daily quest to deliver an exceptional service experience. We’ve built the firm to provide a great place for our associates to work with each other and on behalf of our clients.

We Are Fee-Based

As a fee-based firm, we do not earn commissions on the investment products that we offer our clients. Instead, clients pay us a fee for our financial planning and investment management services. This business model reduces conflicts of interest, makes us loyal to our clients and should make you feel comfortable that you’re receiving unbiased advice.

We do accept commissions on the life, disability and long-term care insurance policies that we offer to our clients. Why? It's the way these insurance policies are sold. Plus we like providing the convenience of “one-stop shopping” for financial planning, investment management and insurance protection – which allows us to make sure your insurance coverage is in line with your financial plan.

We Do

Make sure your investments are in line with your risk tolerance.
Use low-cost investments.
Align your portfolio with your WHY.
Always act in your best interests.

We Don’t

Receive commissions on investment products.
Use investments with high internal fees.
Limit our investment selection to products from certain companies.

We Won’t

Select investments that merely meet the suitability standard – those which might be OK for you but come with high fees or poor performance or both.


Everyone needs a financial plan. And studies show that having a plan, and an advisor to guide you, can add significant value beyond market performance.

Five reasons to consider an independent advisor.

The right investment advisor does what’s right for you.

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