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Archive for July 2018

Beware of reverse mortgages, but don’t write them off

Reverse mortgages have earned a bad reputation because they are overpromoted, can be expensive and were often sold to people who shouldn’t have them. But don’t rule them out automatically. Under the right circumstances, a reverse mortgage can be a valid financial planning tool. In fact, when used correctly a reverse mortgage can help your…

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What would a food pyramid look like for your investments?

We love this comparison of the familiar U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Pyramid – and different diet trends – to various approaches to investing over the years. Like our diets, investing recommendations have evolved. Of particular interest is Meb Faber’s take on what the current investment pyramid should look like, with “Don’t do dumb things”…

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Want to fight inflation? Consider rewards credit card to boost your savings

Inflation is your enemy: The increase in prices over time eventually erodes the buying power of money you have saved. Although the inflation rate fluctuates, short-term changes are not the issue. The real issue is the effect of inflation over the long term. Over time your accumulated savings buys less and less. This is why…

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