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Archive for November 2019

Why you may need umbrella insurance

When your local weather forecaster tells you that it’s going to rain, what do you do? That’s easy – you reach for your umbrella. So why not purchase an umbrella that can protect you in stormy financial weather? Umbrella liability insurance can do just that. By providing liability protection above and beyond the basic coverage…

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Understanding your homeowners policy

Reading a homeowners insurance policy for the first time can be intimidating. With all the jargon, exclusions and conditions you’ll encounter, you may start thinking that Mom was right – you should have gone to law school. Nevertheless, all homeowners policies share certain common elements and follow a recognizable design. Once you understand the roadmap,…

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Financial planning helps you see the big picture

Do you picture yourself owning a new home, starting a business or retiring comfortably? These are a few of the financial goals that may be important to you, and each comes with a price tag attached. That’s where financial planning comes in. Financial planning can help you target your goals by evaluating your whole financial…

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It’s time to select your workplace group benefits

Beginning Nov. 1, 2019, individuals and families may apply for new health insurance, switch to a different health-care plan or re-enroll in their current plan through a Health Insurance Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The open enrollment period for 2020 health coverage ends on Dec. 15, 2019. If you have questions about your…

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