Investing to Support Your Goals

Elevage Partners provides independent, unbiased investment management and advice that’s tailored to your specific financial goals.

We believe that determining how much you should invest for the long term is the single biggest decision we can help you make.

Investment Management

Having a professional manage your investments is important: Studies have shown that do-it-yourself investors often make the wrong moves at precisely the wrong times, harming their portfolio performance by buying high and selling low.

As financial coaches, we put our experience to work for you and help take the emotion out of investing.

At Elevage Partners, we believe that having a solid financial plan lays the foundation for becoming a successful investor. Your financial plan determines how much you might need in the near term and therefore how much you should invest for the long term. We believe that this is the most important investment decision you can make.

Our proprietary investment strategy is dynamic, nimble and flexible – and is customized to meet your specific needs. We invest primarily using exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, because they are low-cost, transparent and tax-efficient vehicles that move at the speed of today’s markets.

We use a blend of five distinct approaches to ensure that your portfolio remains aligned with your plan as it evolves over time. We monitor these models regularly as we meet with clients. We rebalance within and between the models on a regular basis, which systematically takes advantage of buying and selling opportunities and, we believe, improves risk-adjusted returns.

EP Liquidity Model (your liquidity bucket)
As its name suggests, this model supports your short-term liquidity needs and living expenses. It essentially creates a buffer between you and your long-term investments, allowing you to be a patient investor in times of market volatility and comfortable that your near-term needs will be met.

EP Fixed Income Model
The primary aim of this bond-oriented model is to provide diversification to equity markets and generate income that can be reinvested or distributed to your liquidity bucket to support goals such as your living expenses in retirement.

EP Tactical Model
This model aims to capitalize on market trends. It invests in segments of the market whose prices are trending upward and seem to have continued market support. It is a “win by not losing” approach that seeks to minimize significant losses by focusing on what’s working and avoiding what’s not.

EP Strategic Model
This model recognizes what the tactical model does not: That not everything that’s currently out of favor is a bad long-term investment. The goal of this model is to invest in asset classes that we know we want to own over the long term and have compelling current valuations. We believe that the combination of tactical and strategic approaches provides better diversification than the old-school, pie-chart method of owning a little bit of everything.

EP Private Placements
We identify, analyze and manage private investments for Qualified Clients in real estate, private equity, operating companies and (occasionally) angel investments. These investments provide significant diversification to our publicly traded investments. We believe these investments can improve risk-adjusted returns largely because they have very long time horizons. The fund structure we use for this allows us to allocate appropriate investment amounts that are aligned with your financial plan.

We’re On Your Side

At Elevage Partners, we don’t accept commissions. As a Registered Investment Advisor we are a fiduciary committed to serving your best interests. The only compensation we receive for our investment management is from you – which means we answer only to you.

Plus, our firm is built around the principle of alignment of interests. We select and manage your investments exactly the same way we select and manage our own. In other words, we eat our own cooking.

Elevage Partners can handle all of your investments, whether it’s your workplace retirement plan, a college savings plan or an account held at one of our preferred custodians. And as an independent firm, we’re able to choose investment products and services from a full range of companies.