Save for Retirement


Just about everybody wonders the same thing about retirement. When can I retire? How much do I need to save? And what's the best way to build my retirement nest egg?

The answers are different for everyone. Our financial planning process considers these questions – and many more – to ensure that your retirement plan meets your goals, your dreams, your life.

Common retirement planning questions include:

  • How much longer do I need to stay in this career?
  • What about an encore career or working part-time?
  • How do I invest for retirement?
  • When can I stop saving?
  • How do I invest while in retirement?
  • How do I transition from work to retirement?
  • When should I file for Social Security in order to maximize my benefits?
  • I'm maxing out my 403b account. Should I contribute to a 457?
  • What are the advantages of a 401k and traditional IRA?
  • Should I consider a Roth IRA?
  • Should we make our children or a trust the beneficiaries on our IRAs?

Your financial plan will clearly spell out how much you need to save and when you can comfortably retire. It also will consider more than your workplace retirement accounts, other retirement savings and Social Security benefits. It will encompass all of your assets, including your real estate, a family business and other factors, such as your ability to continue to work in retirement if you choose to do so.

At each review session, we'll track your progress toward your target retirement date and make adjustments as required.