Security experts recommend using password managers

Stop using the autofill feature of your web browser to automatically enter your username and password on websites you visit. And start using a password manager.

That’s the advice of recent Princeton University research that found gaping security holes in browsers’ autofill features.

People commonly use autofill because it makes logging on to websites much simpler than manually typing in your username (if you can remember it) and then entering your password (if you can remember it).

But there’s a dark downside to that convenience: Your personal information can easily be harvested to track what you do on the web and then used to send you advertisements. It’s also a potential security risk.

So experts recommend using password managers, such as LastPass (which we use) or 1Password. They’re much more secure than autofill and they can generate strong passwords for each site you visit. All you have to do is remember a master password.

For more information, read the story on the Princeton research here.


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