Jeff Powell

Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO, Jeff strategically guides Elevage Partners’ clients on their wealth management and financial planning needs.

Brian K. Case


Brian believes in a Plan First, Then Invest approach and gets to know his clients well enough to stand in their shoes before making recommendations.

Craig A. Roncaioli


As a financial planner, Craig enjoys working closely with his clients to help them face the challenges they meet in different stages of their lives.


Charles Copeland

Portfolio Strategist & Advisor

Chuck advises clients and leads the Elevage Partners investment committee.

Brian Deal

Financial Planning Director

Brian is a Certified Financial Planner®. He brings extensive experience in collaborating with clients to align their values and their financial behavior.

David Smith

Wealth Management Advisor

That moment when I see the client’s shoulders relax and they start to breathe easier and gain confidence in their plan… that’s the good stuff, knowing they will be sleeping better at night.

Chris Beede

Planning Associate

After turning the page on a full career in corporate finance in the retail financial services industry, Chris is happily focused on pursing his interests in personal financial planning.


Kristina Gambino

Client Service Representative

Sue Holland

Client Service Representative

Leah Sturgis

Client Service Representative


Brittany Fowler

Operations Manager

William Stephens

Communications Manager