LastPass Upgrades Password Manager for Apple Devices

If you’re using the LastPass password manager to keep track of all of your login credentials, here’s good news: The iOS version for use on Apple mobile devices has been upgraded so you can autofill passwords in apps and browser windows.

For more information on how to set up the new feature, see this blog post.

If you’re not using LastPass, please consider doing so to increase your online security.

Be sure to use strong password principles. Create a unique, complex password for each site and change it every six months. Password managers, like LastPass, simplify the process and keep track of all of your passwords – and make it much easier to use unique passwords for every site you visit.

We also use LastPass to collaborate with clients. The service allows you to securely share login credentials and keeps them up to date, which can help us better manage your accounts.

For more information on LastPass, which can be used on your computer, smartphone, and tablet, visit the LastPass website.

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