About Us


Our Roots

Elevage [eh-le-vahg]: French term for the progression of wine from fermentation to bottling. The term translates to the English word “raising.” Élevage is the process in which the professional winemaker nurtures the wine to achieve its full potential. During this process, any poorly thought out or rushed decisions leave the final product flawed, or not as good as it could have been.

At Elevage Partners, we believe that financial planning is much like the process of élevage. We start with planning because of the crucial role it plays in determining your financial success. This is about so much more than managing your money. A financial plan takes everything into account – your goals, aspirations and values. We collaborate with you to look at the big picture, gather the facts about where you currently stand, and create a plan that builds and maintains a path to help you achieve your full potential.

Elevage Partners has team members across the United States serving clients in person and remotely. Our team of advisors, planners and client service representatives works with you to fully understand your current situation and goals before making any recommendations.

We believe in building ongoing relationships on a strong foundation of trust, and want to ensure that every team member you speak with at Elevage Partners understands your unique situation and can answer your questions in an informed way.

Elevage Partners has developed a team of experienced advisors who act as coaches, quarterbacks or personal CFO’s, depending on your perspective. This ensures that you receive service tailored to your unique financial needs from a professional who has the education and experience to guide you through your lifelong financial journey.

More information about the firm can be found in our Form ADV Part 2 as well as in our Form CRS.