Year-End Financial Planning Opportunities

As the end of the year approaches, we want to help you spot planning opportunities that are time-sensitive.

Perhaps you…

  • Are considering making year-end gifts to charitable organizations or family members, and need to determine your optimal funding strategy;
  • Are looking to reduce your income tax liability this year, and are seeking loss harvesting and income-reduction opportunities; or
  • Wish to make a high-level survey of your financial picture, ensuring that you aren’t missing any windows of opportunity that close with the calendar year.

Tracking numerous deadlines and avoiding missed planning opportunities can be challenging during these busy months. To help ensure that you remain on track, here's a checklist that outlines 18 time-sensitive considerations to guide your end-of-year actions and tee up any adjustments for the coming year.

While the checklist can help you to identify all the different opportunities to consider, we are always available to meet and decide what the best opportunities are for you.

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